Our Team

Scott (CEO) & Larissa Nattrass (Board Member)

Scott is UwC's go to guy for all aspects of UwC's daily operations including coodinating cheerleading camps, trainings & events... You'll likely meet him (& Larissa too) at camps, trainings & UwC events. Scott is a take charge kind of guy so he likes to jump in and be on the floor with the athletes making sure every single activity, performance & training goes off in the most beneficial manner for the participants. They have a long history in cheerleading.
From 2007 thru 2020, they operated the Rocky Mountain Elite (which became United Elite) cheerleading facility where they worked with their hand picked staff to provide state of the art cheerleading and tumbling training facilities to Denver Area athletes while teaching the athletes to work together to be successful both inside & outside the gym. The athletes of the United Elite cheerleading family have numerous trophies, banners, medals, jackets and bids to national and international championships to their credit.
Check in with Scott for all your cheerleading clothing needs as he is a rep for Rebel Athletic. Be sure to mention you appreciate his service to the cheerleading community thru his work with Up with Cheer.
Scott has also written numerous cheerleading related articles on various social media platforms (link coming soon).
Larissa & Scott also operate Air Bounce Colorado, a bounce house, inflatable & party rental company. Check them out for your bounce house, inflatable & party rental needs.
Scott & Chris met thru a mutual hobby (model railroading) & that friendship resulted in the idea of UwC being an alternative to higher cost cheerleading programs and organizations by keeping the costs reasonable so that cheerleading can be a sport that everyone can be a part of (whether it be a cheer athlete, their family, friends or community).

Christopher Rand (Chief Administrative Officer)

Christopher (Chris) is UwC's business operations & technology guy with experience in customer service operations as well as communications, public relations & logistics. Besides working with the UwC board on UwC activities, Chris's regular job has him traveling across the world as a business trainer & consultant for a call center technology & operations consulting firm. He is also a long time member of the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department Type 3 All-Hazards Incident Management Team Communications Unit, board member of two other non-profit organizations (a youth astronomy research group, the International Association for Astronomical Studies (IAAS) and a model railroad group - The Platte Valley & Western Railway.
Scott & Chris met thru the model railroad group. Besides astronomy & model railroading, Chris enjoys travel and continues to be a model railroad & astronomy "geek" to this day (when work & UwC activities allow).

Board Member - TBA

Board Member - TBA

Youth Board Advisor - TBA

The Up with Cheer Board & staff members look forward to working with you & your team. Please reach out to us via email (board@upwithcheer.org) if there are concerns or questions regarding any Up with Cheer Event.