Up with Cheer Referral Network

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About the UwC Referral Network -

The UwC Referral Network provides schools, community groups & others a referral to a cheer professional to help with instruction, training and program operation.
INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR STATUS - All cheer professionals in the Up with Cheer Referral Network are INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS and are NOT employed by UwC. They have agreed to follow standards of the industry and are listed based on information provided to UwC thru various sources.
REFERRAL AGENT ONLY - Please keep in mind that UwC acts only as a REFERRAL AGENT in these arragements by providing a link between a requestor and cheer professionals that have registered with Up with Cheer to provide their services.  It is ultimately up to Requestors to verify information provided to them. Requestors are strongly encouraged to follow their standard employment policies/procedures when negotiating arragements with these cheerleading professionals. Up with Cheer does it's best to vet these professionals but ultimately it's up to the requestor to verify that the professional has the qualifications needed for their position. Up with Cheer cannot accept any liability in these arrangements as it's ultimately up to the requestor to verify all information and negotiate directly with the cheer professional for their services.

QUALITY ASSURANCE PROCESS - Please contact us with any concerns relating to referrals. - board@upwithcheer.org