CheerONE is a great way for you to introduce your child to all that cheerleading has to offer.

CheerONE combines elements of cheerleading that are shared between traditional school cheerleading, all-star cheerleading and international cheerleading into one fun and exciting class. It is largely based on the international model for cheerleading.

CheerONE participants will learn Stunts, Tumbling, Jumps, Dance, Motions, as well as Cheers and Sideline Chants to be put together in an exciting high energy choreographed routine. These six core elements are shared across all of modern cheerleading. They also will learn about team work as they work with their teammates on a routine. They will have the opportunity to showcase the skills and choreography they learned for you and all their friends at a routine performance at the end of the session!

CheerONE breaks up participants into age group teams during the sessions to allow age appropriate elements to be taught to each group.

CheerONE Participants should bring a good attitude and a willingness to learn. They should wear appropriate gym attire - gym shorts, a t-shirt as well as athletic shoes.

Types of CheerONE Sessions -
More details on CheerONE dates and locations are coming soon.

CheerONE Class Mentors NEEDED - Know a Junior High or High School Cheerleader that needs Community Service credit for school? CheerONE is a program of Up with Cheer, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. UwC can provide letters of participation for students who volunteer to assist with the CheerONE programs.