Up with Cheer

Welcome to Up with Cheer, a new not for profit Cheerleading organization. We were formed in April of 2020 with the vision of making the sport of Cheerleading accessible to the Community. 

Athletes and their families shouldn't have to spend the equivelent of a monthly house payment to participate in the sport of Cheerleading. 

Up with Cheer's goal is to help provide economical options for not only training but also for competitions and other events.

We're starting small with training and events in the Denver metro area over the next 12 months but plan to grow to regional and national activities soon!   

About Us

Our Team

Upcoming Events - including our first summer cheer camp in the Denver Metro area during the summer of 2021.

CheerONE - A program to introduce youth to Cheerleading without a major financial investment.  

UwC Referral Network - Your source for qualified Cheerleading Professionals

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